The oldest documents of the school come from 1918.  During the First World War the school still fulfilled its educational functions despite the history of the school was different. Through years many things have changed: school building, principals, teachers even the name of the school.


In the early 60’s School no 4 was situated in Jana Pawła II Street on the second floor of the building and it had only 6 classrooms. The first principal was Mrs. Stanisława Lenart. She was a good spirit of the school respected by teachers, parents and students.


Primary School no 4 was founded on 26th August 1964 in a new-built, much bigger and modern building in Żeromski Street. On 12th December 1964 the school received the name of Stefan Żeromski. This event was celebrated by an academy with town authorities. The first teachers were: the principal Stanisława Lenart, Mrs. Michalina Kuszczak, Mrs. Maria Szołomiak, Mrs. Aleksandra Sobiecka, Mrs. Maria Szewczyk. Mrs. Ewa Suchar, Mrs. Józefa Baryło, Mrs. Zenajda Domańska, Mrs. Jadwiga Kieres, Mrs. Alicja Strada, Mrs. Alicja Marczyk, Mrs. Wanda Kogut, Mrs. Maria Płachta, Mrs. Krystyna Machnicka. The secretary of the school was Mrs. Elżbieta Kmonk.


Children started to attend the new school from 14th December 1964. There were 15 classrooms, 3 workshops and a gym in the building. After finishing their lessons students could go to the common room with a canteen.

The new school year 1964/65 bought about significant changes. The number of teachers increased to 22 and there were almost 600 students.  School was well predisposed to work. The deputy principal was Mrs. Janina Popek and Mrs. Stanisława Lenart was the principal of the school until 1970.


As the years went by, the principals and deputy principals changed. The principals were: Mr. Tadeusz Serwański, Mrs. Maria Łoś, Mrs. Janina Turoczy, Mr. Tadeusz Jamróz. The posts of deputy principals were held by: Mrs. Janina Popek, Mrs. Maria Ślemińska, Mrs. Alicja Marczyk, Mrs. Czesława Rejterowska, Mrs. Janina Łuc, Mr. Tadeusz Jamróz, Mrs. Krystyna Grzęda, Mrs. Zofia Gwóźdź, Mrs. Irena Kornak. The history of our school was also created by such names like: A. Marczak, G. Paluch, B. Niemczyk, D. Klimczak, B. Olesiuk, A. Pałys, A. Barszczewska, J. Kieres, J. Pałys, J. Turoczy, Z. Tarabański.


The Parents Council has always been an inseparable part of the school life and it has given their time and efforts without which the development of the school would not be possible. It has been the school's symbol, which has accompanied students in the most ceremonial moments of a school life: academies, discos and trips. The close cooperation with the parents of our pupils guarantees the growth of the school.


For 39 years the school has left over 3,500 graduates. Some of them are teachers, managers, architects, engineers, doctors, priests, musicians, soldiers of Polish Army. We are proud of our former students and when they remember their childhood, they think about their first school where they spent the most beautiful moments of their lives.